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Our Story

  • March 2024
    – Seungkyun and SeungAhn have joined our group as a graduate. Welcome!
  • January 2024
    – Welcome Jiho and Haeil! Let’s enjoy our winter internship program!
  • July 2023
    – Our first review paper, titled “Strong coupling in plasmonic metal nanoparticles”, is now online!
    – Hyewon has been awarded the Best Intern Award in the Department’s 2023 Summer Internship Program. Congrats!
  • May 2023
    – Kanghyeon joins our lab as an undergraduate intern!
  • April 2023
    – Another intern has come! Welcome, Hyewon!
  • March 2023
    – We have two new interns, this year.  Welcome, Junwoo and Heechan!
  • January 2023
    – Jihyun got the Best Intern Award in the Department’s 2023 Winter Internship Program. Congrats!
    – Five winter interns join our group. Welcome, everyone!
  • September 2022
    – Hye Jin joins our group as a researcher. Welcome, Hye Jin!
  • August 2022
    – Seong-Eun has been awarded the Best Intern Award in the Department’s 2022 Summer Internship Program. Congrats!
  • July 2022
    – We have two summer interns, Seong-Eun and Jun Hyeok! Welcome to the group!
  • March 2022
    – The group welcomes its first graduate student. Welcome, Yoon-Min!
    – The group adds two new undergraduate students. Welcome, Hansol and Sehwan!
  • November 2021
    – Our webpage is now officially up and running!


  • Address
    GIST College Building B #508 (JE’s office), #219 (Lab)
    123 Cheomdangwagi-ro, Gwangju, 61005, Korea


    61005 광주광역시 북구 첨단과기로 123 (오룡동) 광주과학기술원
    지스트 대학 B동 508호 (연구실), 219호 (실험실), 213호 (학생오피스)

  • Email
    [email protected]


  • Phone
    +82-62-715-4639 (JE’s office)
    +82-62-715-4637 (Student office)